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By Lori

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2013 Time 100 cover Elon Musk

One of seven special edition 2013 TIME 100 cover images

Most of the time, you’re doing just fine, superstar. You’re chugging along, building your fame platform so that you can make an impact in your industry.

You’ve got your grand mission to inspire you to slog through the challenges. But sometimes, you just need a a little spark to turn your inner famous-in-your-field ambition into a roaring inferno.

I’ve got a little exercise that’s dead simple to do, but it will give you inspiration for your Great Work and clarity on your brand. (A twofer, what’s better?)

Who hasn’t dreamed of being on the cover of a glossy magazine?

Now let’s put that fantasy to work for you, future superstar.

Close your eyes. You’re at your favorite bookstore or newsstand. Your hands are vibrating with nervous energy as you hand over your money to the clerk. He hands you the magazine, and just as it touches your fingers, his eyes lock with yours. He pauses, furrows his brow slightly and says hesitatingly, “Hey…wow, is this you?

And here’s where you put that fantasy to work for your business. Look down proudly at the magazine.
Q1: What cover are you gracing?
Is it Forbes, announcing you as the new wealthy guru in your niche? Civil Engineering News? Wired? Vanity Fair? Vibe? Writer’s Digest?
You choose the publication you want most. No limits.
Q2: Ask yourself, why this magazine?
What does it mean that you’re on the cover? How does it make you feel?
What is it about you, what achievement have you reached?
Q3: What’s the blurb/title placed next to you on the cover? Why?
Magazines use juicy headlines on the cover to capture attention, spark intrigue and make you part with your dollars to devour the pages.
So, what’s your sizzling deadline? What would make you grab it off the rack and devour the article?

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

Make it real.
To help this exercise hit home, grab a copy of your favorite pub and use the headlines as models to write your own hed, about you, about your achievement. Try to come up with at least ten. Take your favorite and post it where you can see it everyday.
Get ready for your close up.

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