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Always wanted to do a TED Talk? 3 Steps to take today

Woman standing on TED stage, face blurred

You’ve heard of TED Talks right? Those things on the internet where famous people like Brene Brown and Jamie Oliver share articulate and inspiring ideas, gain millions of views, and open doors to higher speaking fees, book deals, and fame + fortune? If standing up on that stage has always been a dream of yours…

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Boost your success in 60 seconds a day

Here’s a little known fact: our self-image is a self-fulfilling prophecy. What we believe about ourselves is our reality. And whether that thing that we believe is actually true or not, our actions and behaviors support the self-image that we’ve created. Sound a little woo-woo? (Or like just plain crazy talk?) Let’s break it down If…

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How to get published when you aren't famous (yet)

Wondering how to get published so you can be known? And do you really have to be almost famous first? I’ve been getting fantastic questions from new A-Listers, which makes me sooo happy. Today’s is pure gold, because so many of us who want to be famous in our field wrestle with this chicken-and-egg syndrome. Denise says:…

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