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Always wanted to do a TED Talk? 3 Steps to take today

Woman standing on TED stage, face blurred

You’ve heard of TED Talks right? Those things on the internet where famous people like Brene Brown and Jamie Oliver share articulate and inspiring ideas, gain millions of views, and open doors to higher speaking fees, book deals, and fame + fortune? If standing up on that stage has always been a dream of yours…

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Keep Track of the Hottest News in Your Industry

Man standing over cityscape, arms spread

You’ve heard the advice that if you want to be tops in your field, you’re supposed to keep close tabs on everything that’s happening. But, honestly, who has the time to surf the web all day, bouncing from blog to news site and back again? There’s a shortcut that you can use to be “in…

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How to Create Instant Credibility on Your Website

When someone lands on your website to check out your business and services, how much time do you have to grab their attention and position yourself as the “go to” expert in your field? Not much, you say. How about 9 seconds? Scary, right? At the Content Marketing World conference, the uber-smart Sally Hogshead (yes…

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