Three Minute Fame Booster: Your Blog on Slideshare

By Lori

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Upload your blog posts to Slideshare

You probably already share your blog posts on Facebook and Twitter.

But are you overlooking another site?

One with 60 million visitors a month?

A site that gets five times the traffic from business owners as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn?

It’s Slideshare, baby!

You can use Slideshare to demonstrate your expertise on a topic or start a movement by sharing presentations, videos, ebooks, or graphics that educate or inspire your target audience.

Why not share your blog posts, too? Make it part of your “everywhere” fame strategy.

Slideshare is a fabulous tool for expanding your online footprint (more of that Google real estate!)

It boosts traffic and generates links to your website. Because Slideshare automatically creates a transcript that appears right below the slides for every presentation you upload, it’s a great SEO (search engine optimization) boost for those keywords you want to “own.”

Best of all, it’s monkey-simple:

1. Save your blog post as a pdf.

2. Upload it to

3. Pop the top on your favorite beverage and kick back, ’cause you’re done.

Your fame boosting assignment:

Create a free account on Each time you publish a blog post, save it as a .pdf and upload it to Slideshare. Use Slideshare’s sharing buttons to share the love on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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