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By Lori

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Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality. ~ Dalai Lama XIV

So many business owners and professionals are bleeding from their eyes to create content, like blog posts and articles and then leave those posts to languish on their own website. Oh, sure, maybe you tweet the article when it’s published. You post it on your Facebook page. But then, radio silence.

No wonder they get burned out and wonder if publishing is worth the effort.

Welp, you might just be missing a chance to get more airtime for your brilliant blog posts and articles!

If your product or service benefits people in business, then you’ll wanna share your brilliance on LinkedIn, too.

Here are two ways:

1. Post the article on your LinkedIn profile.

Just like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has a status update feature where you can let your connections know what you’re working on. Make sure your article or post has a click-worthy title and link to in your status update.

*Big fat bonus points if you include an attention-grabbing image.

Post your article or blog post on your LinkedIn profile.

Hold on, Texas. You’re not done yet!

2. Share it on your company profile, too.

(What? Don’t have one? Right that wrong right now with this post.)

Company status update posts can be up to 600 characters (including spaces). Shared link titles and descriptions can be up to 250 characters each. Use that real estate!

Post your article or blog post as a status update on your Company page, too.

LinkedIn fame tip: just like Facebook, the status updates with an image grab the most attention.

Bonus ninja tool:

Wanna get super-fancy? You can make sharing to your LinkedIn profile and your LinkedIn Company page  happen automatically, with this clever little tool:

IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That.” It’s a website where you can set up different sequences to happen automatically. calls them “recipes.”

Start by picking your trigger activity. For me, it’s when I publish a new blog article.

The next part of the recipe is the action I want to happen after each trigger: posting the article on my LinkedIn profile.

The supercool part about IFTTT is that you don’t have to be a programming ninja to make it work. It’s full of recipes that other users created. You can just reuse, replacing their details with your own.

Your fame boosting assignment:

Get on over to LinkedIn and dig one article from your archives to share on your personal profile and your company profile. Now you’re one step closer to forever, fame friends.

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