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By Lori

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Famous in Your Field - Be a Guest Expert on Internet Radio Shows

Getting on Oprah’s couch or featured in the Wall Street Journal used to be the Holy Grail of media exposure for experts and business owners.

But savvy celebrity experts-to-be are defying conventional wisdom and seeking laser targeted publicity opportunities on internet radio shows and podcasts.

Being the guest on The Queens of Cooking internet radio show may not have the same mom-wowing cache as an appearance on Rachael Ray, but it could actually do more to boost your business. Here’s why:

1. Major network television talk and news shows typically feature a guest for only a few minutes. However, as an expert on an internet radio show or podcast you could have fifteen minutes to a full hour to share your expertise and your message.

2. Internet radio shows and podcasts appeal to very narrow audiences (read, highly interested.) Unlike network television and old-school radio programs that must appeal to broad numbers of people in order to secure advertiser spending, an internet radio listener seeks out the program and listens because they are deeply interested in the show’s topic. Can you say ‘targeted prospects’?

3. Internet radio and podcast listeners are typically at their computers, able to zip over to your business website and check you out or buy your book from Amazon in the heat of the moment. Terrestrial radio listeners, on the other hand, are often driving while listening (and hopefully not on the internet!) You’d have to rely on the listener to remember to look up your website once he or she gets home, makes dinner, etc., etc.  As for television viewers – they may not even be in the room to see your 3.5 minutes of fame!

Internet radio shows and podcasts are typically archived, gaining even more coverage for you as new listeners discover and play older shows. And best of all? Most interviews are conducted via phone or Skype! You can literally be snug in your jammies, while you impress the heck out of targeted prospects around the world.

Sold? I’ve got something valuable for you. Below are 9 killer resources to find internet radio show and podcast interview opportunities.

Kind of like a HARO (Help a Reporter Out), but for radio shows seeking guest experts to interview. Sign up for the service’s daily emails and when you see a query that fits your expertise, respond right away.

Internet Radio Show Sites


Podcast Sites

Podcast Directory
Apple’s iTunes
Podcast Alley

Your fame boosting assignment:

This week, sign up for and search for three internet radio shows or podcasts in your niche. Send the contact for each show a brief, targeted pitch letting them know why you’d be a great guest for their audience.

Congratulations! You’re on your way, superstar.


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