Quadruple your fame results with this “non-fancy” tool

By Lori

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Famous in Your Field: Treat growing your fame like a boss.

Growing your fame platform…it’s thrilling to fantasize about big wins.

Do you dream of your Wall Street Journal hedcut, next to the article documenting your meteoric rise to the top of your industry? Have you practiced your elated, yet shocked expression when your name is announced as this year’s standout star in your professional

Want a tool that’ll get you out of fantasy land and propel you toward victory? (Warning: It’s not “fancy.”)

It starts with treating your path to fame like a business. 

Here’s the skinny: getting speaking gigs, publishing articles and being mentioned in the media is just like making sales. First, you cultivate leads, then, you convert a percentage of those leads into sales.

And if you want results, you do the same with your platform as an expert.

1. Start by getting clear on your goals.

  • Do you want to speak four times a year or every other week?
  • Will you publish articles once in a blue moon or one per month?
  • Media mentions – how many do you want?

2. Break it down.

If your goal is to speak at least once a month at an event, then each week, you’ll need to research new organizations or events, reach out to them and offer your services. If your “hit ratio” (the percentage of speaking engagements you land, divided by the number of speaking engagements you pursue) is 10%, then you know that you’ll need to pursue at least two or three speaking opportunities every week.

3.  Track it. Every day or every week.

The best way to accelerate your success is to keep a fame leaderboard for yourself.

Make it super simple! Use a spreadsheet or handwrite it on a piece of paper. Write down the fame-building elements that you want to pursue. Here are a few ideas:

Daily or weekly leaderboard

  • Reporter outreach
  • Blogger outreach
  • Speaking engagements pursued
  • Speaking engagements delivered
  • Articles/posts published
  • Media mentions

You may have different metrics you want to track. Whatever you do, don’t forget to include the biggest, baddest of all: sales.

The reason keeping a weekly snapshot is so effective is that you march steadily toward your goals. Your snapshot forces you to focus and to devote time to fame building activities every week.

Without this forced focus, it can be too easy to leave these items on your “when I get to it” list. No action, no traction.

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

Start today! Write down the 3-7 activities you’ll track on your leaderboard. Schedule a time each day or week in your calendar that you’ll look at your leaderboard. And then do it. Like a boss.


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