Publicity is your aircraft; marketing is your jet fuel

By Lori


Publicity is your aircraft, marketing is your jetfuel

You were just quoted in The New York Times/O Magazine/Wall Street Journal/Inc (insert your scream-worthy publication here.)

Now what?

You might have been expecting that interview to open up the floodgates for your business, but then…crickets, baby. Nada. (Sure, your mom saw it and she’s telling all her friends, but where are the clients?)

That’s because your publicity needs marketing to pull the business to you.

Being mentioned or featured in the media is terrific for credibility. (Remember that publicity works to create an implied endorsement?)

To really get the full benefits of appearing in the media, you’ve got to market it. Who should you broadcast the news to? Here’s a starter list:

  • visitors to your website (add it to the As Seen In section)
  • your email subscriber list
  • your Facebook fans
  • your Twitter followers
  • write a press release and send it to your local media.

Got more ideas to leverage media mentions? Leave a comment below.

Your fame boosting assignment:

Have you been guilty of letting your publicity idle on the runway? Blast it into the clouds with a little marketing. This week, get your media mentions on your website, in your newsletter and out to your local media.

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