New Business? Here’s what you should do first

By Lori

Today’s topic was inspired by one of our subscribers, Sandra. Sandra asked, “If you are just out starting your own business, how do you get your first client and start building from there?”

That’s a great question because, as someone launching a new business, you’re probably wearing every hat yourself: operations, finance, HR, accounting, sales and marketing. With minimal time, you need to wring maximum value from your business building efforts.

When it comes to marketing, there’s no limit to the different ways that you could spend your time and money, hoping to secure client and grow your business:

  • social media
  • advertising
  • promotions
  • fliers, brochures
  • events
  • direct mail
  • email
  • exhibiting
  • sponsorships
  • internet marketing
  • search engine marketing

You get the point, right?

When you’re just starting out, it’s important to pick just a few tactics – the ones that are most likely to produce the strongest return on your time and financial investment.

I believe in the power of networking for new business owners. Watch the video to learn more about why networking is a powerful tool in marketing your new venture.

Your fame boosting assignment:

This week, find three events or groups where you can network. Then, get out there!

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