Now with Even More LinkedIn! New Follow Company Button

By Lori

LinkedIn, that navy blue suit of social networks, is stealthily adding more features that let its 150 million members promote and follow brands.

The latest? Recently, LinkedIn announced a new “Follow Company” button that brands (um, this means you!) can embed on their websites.

How does it work?

Similar to Facebook’s “Like” icon, or the “Follow me” on Twitter, LinkedIn’s Follow Company button lets your followers receive automatic updates from your company in their LinkedIn feeds. (Hmm, sounds like another tool in the Famous in Your Field toolbox to me!)

Now, the ability to follow companies within LinkedIn isn’t new. The feature has been available for a while, but this new Follow button brings the LinkedIn party to your house: your website!

And now the big question on your mind, “How can I use this Follow Company feature to build my business fame factor?”

Here are two ideas:

1.Follow companies that might be good prospects for your business. You’ll be able to keep track of new developments that will give you a natural reason to reach out to offer your services or products.

2. Add the Follow Company button to your own website. And be sure that you’re sharing regular company status updates on LinkedIn. Let your network know where you’ll be speaking, link to your latest article or media coverage and announce new services or products.

Your fame building assignment:

Hop on over to LinkedIn and get the new button right here on LinkedIn’s Developer blog.

Pop that baby onto your website and be sure to encourage people to follow your company. Add it to your email signature and your business card, too.

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