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By Lori

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Fame tip: add your opt in to your LinkedIn profile

New to The VIP List? Then you might not know that I loooove LinkedIn.

Honestly, I think that it’s the most effective social network for building your business as a leader and expert.

Today I’m rolling out a stealth play that you can use to grow your list of email or blog subscribers using LinkedIn.

Add your email opt in to your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn gives you the ability to add and edit different sections on your profile, including a section called Projects. Few LinkedIn users feature projects on their profiles at all, let alone use it gain fans for their business.

Here’s how to make it happen:

1. Go to your LinkedIn profile. At the menu, click on Profile > Edit Profile.

2. If you don’t already have the section titled Projects on your profile, you’ll see a menu of new sections to add to your profile, displayed on the right part of the screen.

(Hint: Look for the big “Recommended for You” headline with arrow.)

If you already have the Projects section on your profile, you’ll go directly to that section and click on the Add+ button.

3. Follow the prompts.

Answer the series of questions that LinkedIn asks to create a clickable headline for your “project.” This might be your newsletter title, or your irresistible free offer.

Because it’s not obvious that the title is a link, give people an extra call to action to click, like I did:

Voila! Super easy, right?

Now you’re using more of your web “real estate” to gain subscribers to your valuable and fantastic content. Well done, you!

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