How to Move People to Action with Your Words

By Lori

Speaking is one of the pillars of becoming Famous in Your Field.  As a marketing tool, you can’t beat it.

Speaking to an audience of ideal prospects lets you shorten the typical selling cycle – the length of time it takes for a prospect to become aware of you, know what you offer, believe that you’re credible and to hire you.

With one powerful presentation, you can go from an unknown quantity to a must-have business partner in only an hour’s time! Speaking accelerates the “getting to know you” stage, so that you can establish trust and likeability in one interaction.

But if you want to stand out from the business pandemonium, you’ve got to pack a punch with your words. Trouble is, too many business pros undermine their own credibility as an authority on their topic by peppering their talks with wishy-washy words and phrases.

Here’s the truth: the language you use creates the impression of credibility (or…not.)

Listen to your presentations. Are your words weak and whiny or power-packed?

Here’s a list of powerful phrases to use:

“I know that together we can…”

“This is key for use today because…”

“My goal today is to…”

Want more power words? Add these to your speaking arsenal:

  • aim
  • do
  • want
  • right
  • will
  • challenge

Your fame boosting assignment:

Inspire yourself! Read or listen to some of the most influential speakers throughout history and notice the words they use to move people to action.

Make a list of those words and phrases. Then, practice weaving them into your talks and notice how your listeners respond.

Want to jump start your public speaking? Start here.

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