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By Lori

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Just like any other social network, there’s a lot of noise on LinkedIn. So, how do you make your juicy nuggets stand out?

Get ’em trending.

Twitter started the trending craze, and now LinkedIn has added its own Trending features.

It’s that old gawker syndrome. When we see that other people are talking about something, we want to be in on the party, too, no matter what it is (Hey, Sharknado, amiright?)

Here’s a way to boost your fame factor – steal some of that hot action by making your own article trend on LinkedIn.

Start here —>LinkedIn Today. 

LinkedIn Today is where you can find the hottest articles that have been shared by LinkedIn users. When you first hit the page, you’ll see the top three article that LinkedIn recommends for you, based on your profile and network. Here’s mine for today:

LinkedIn Today is this biz network’s front page.

Each person’s LinkedIn Today page can be customized to display the Influencer articles and network updates they’ve chosen.

LinkedIn has a feature called “Trending in Your Network.” It highlights articles that are being shared by multiple people in your network at the same time.

Follow these tips and you just might get your name on the same platform with Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington and of course, LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner.

  • Did you just pen something business brilliant? Were you or your company featured in an article? Pick 10-15 people in your network and ask them to share the article on LinkedIn at the same time.
  • Because the “trending” designation is determined by a super secret algorithm, there’s no standard recipe to follow. However, it’s most effective if the people sharing the article overlap in connections.
  • Tap the connections closest to you – your coworkers, staff and colleagues – first. You’re more likely to have multiple connections with the same prospects and clients.

Get over there and start making headlines on LinkedIn, superstar.

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