How to Create Instant Credibility on Your Website

By Lori

Grab attention in 9 seconds with an As Seen In box

Grab attention in 9 seconds with an As Seen In boxQuick!

When someone lands on your website to check out your business and services, how much time do you have to grab their attention and position yourself as the “go to” expert in your field?

Not much, you say.

How about 9 seconds?

Scary, right?

At the Content Marketing World conference, the uber-smart Sally Hogshead (yes that is her real name), an expert in the science of “fascination” told the crowd during her keynote talk: “The average attention span is getting shorter and shorter. People are distracted. Some scientists say the average attention span is now only 9 seconds.”

So how can your website help you establish your credibility in 9 seconds or less?

With an “As Seen In” section.

Or you can call it “Featured On” or something snazzy. You get the point. It’s about giving web visitors a quick visual slice of what’s called “social proof.” When a third party, like a newspaper, magazine, blog or conference has covered or included you, it’s an endorsement in the minds of your visitors. There’s an unconscious reaction in the brain that says, “Hey if these people featured/used/hired this person, she must be good.”

Here’s how I did it:

 But I don’t have any media coverage!

Fretting because you and your business haven’t been profiled in Inc. or mentioned on Fox Business? Relax! Even local media coverage (which is often so much easier to score) builds credibility and boosts your fame factor. So wave those local logos proudly!

Your assignment:

Put this tip into action! This week, put an As Seen In section on your website. Use the logos of all the places – online and offline – where you’ve been featured. Don’t forget OPB – other people’s blogs, too!

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