Hot resource alert: secret spy tool to boost impact and find media opps

By Lori

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Keep your eye on prospects, connections and the media with Newsle

Ever wish you had secret powers to discover exactly when and where your colleagues, prospects and connections were being featured? Imagine what you could do with that kind of intel!

The NSA’s got nothing on you, my friends, ‘cause you can use Newsle. Newsle is an online service that tracks news about your friends and professional contacts across the web.

Not their status updates, but any mentions in major media outlets, blogs and local publications.  Newsle pulls from 1 million sources (cue Dr. Evil.)

It’s dead simple to use, too. Just create a free account and follow the prompts to pull in your Facebook friends and LinkedIn contacts.

Here are four genius ways to use Newsle to boost your business fame and revenue:

1.    Keep tabs on your clients, connections and prospects.

Spot a juicy news item about one of your connections? Boom! You can Facebook message or tweet the person directly from Newsle’s web interface.  Now, you’re top of mind and lookin’ like a playa.

You can also set specific alerts, which will be delivered to your inbox daily or weekly.

2. Opportunity stalking.

Did one of your connections publish an article? Get mentioned in a news story? Speak at an industry event?

You can turn that into an opportunity for you, too. Contact those same outlets and offer your take on a topic, your speaking talents or written wisdom.

Use Newsle to know when your connections are featured, published or mentioned in online media

3. Follow journalists and newsmakers in your industry.

Newsle lets you follow people in Business, Entertainment, Journalism, Sports and more.

Read their mentions or published works and use those as a way to create a connection.

4. Grab more web ink

Did Newsle miss something huge? Like a story that mentions you? Don’t be shy, add yourself!

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

Hop over to and sign up for a free account. Schedule calendar time to congratulate contacts and opportunity stalk for your own biz. Use your stealth powers to build your fame factor!

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