Increase Your Visibility with Sweet, Sweet Hootsuite

By Lori

Looking for a way to clone yourself? To be visible on social networks, while also managing to pump out the work you love, for the clients who need you?

Wow! Me, too.

You can’t be everywhere at once – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare – and still accomplish actual work. Or can you? <Evil grin>

Save yourself time and sanity with the all-in-one FREE tool that lets you post updates to all (or some) of your social media profiles at once.

Hootsuite is a handy free application designed to be your “social media dashboard” for managing Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and a handful of other social networks. With Hootsuite, you can post a status update on all networks, selected networks and schedule updates for up to one year in advance.

Red hot note of caution here:

Please don’t schedule ALL your social media updates. Actually interacting with others – commenting on their updates, responding and retweeting – is the only way to build  rapport, relationships and authority. (Must-haves to become famous in your field.)

When you’re posting across social networks, keep in mind that each has a different culture that governs audience expectations. Twitter followers (because they generally don’t read every tweet from the people they follow) expect multiple tweets per day, but on LinkedIn that same frequency would be considered really annoying.

The content that you post might vary from network to network, too. Facebook is great for sharing photos. LinkedIn? Not so much.

Got a business update like a new speaking engagement, article published or blog post? Serve it up hot across them all, but save most of your personal commentary for Twitter and Facebook.

Be there live
While scheduling a few updates per week can help you to manage your time, it’s important to “show up” regularly, too, if you want to get value from your social media efforts.

Schedule just 10 minutes per day, per network – five in the morning, five in the afternoon – to interact. Reply, retweet, share good information and add your own commentary.

Your fame building assignment:

Sign up for Hootsuite and schedule an update or two to publish each week on your favorite social network.

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