Turn your signature into an autograph with expert articles

By Lori

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Turn your signature into an autograph with expert articles


Want a credibility boost with an ages-long shelf life?

Contribute an expert article to a magazine or trade journal.

Magazine and trade journal editors around the world are HOWLING for articles to fill their pages every month. (Or week. Or quarter. You get the idea.)

They continually seek out content from experts to help improve the lives, businesses and industries of their readers.

Have that “But I don’t know enough to be published!” thought looping through your brain?

Send it packing.

Your information and perspective is valuable. If you rated your own expertise in your field at a 6 of 10, remember that there are thousands of people at a level 2 who would love to learn what you know.

Think about things you know that you wish you’d known earlier. How can you help someone else shorten their learning curve?

Leap out of the echo chamber!

Do not limit yourself to only YOUR industry’s trade journals and magazines.

If you’re a marketer at an engineering firm, don’t target only engineering magazines. Who are the people who buy your services? Brainstorm the types of publications they would read.

An interior designer? Sure, there are magazines devoted to design, but think of all the readers of lifestyle magazines, business magazines and industry specific publications who could use a few tips to improve aesthetics or functionality in their workplace.

In fact, with a little tweaking, you can repackage the same basic tips into articles in magazines across several industries. For example, your time-saving social media marketing tips can help attorneys, real estate agents, and massage therapists.

Want a fantastic resource to get you started?

Check out the Yahoo News and Media Directory.

You can search for publications by format:

  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Journals
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Columns and columnists

Or you can search by industry or topic, like:

  • Business to Business
  • College and University
  • Health
  • Real Estate
  • Technology

When you find one that fits, drill down to the individual publication’s website. Check out the editorial calendar – the annual calendar of topics the magazine will cover, by month. Many websites also display the editor’s contact information and submission guidelines.

Your fame boosting assignment:

This week, scan the directory and make a list of 7-10 magazines or journals that you’ll target to publish an expert article. Send a pitch (a short description of the article you’d like to write.) Then, grab your sunnies and bask in the glow of expertdom coming your way.


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