How to become a pick up artist: craft taglines and messages that engage and convert

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Famous in your field: become a pick up artist with taglines and messages

Famous in your field: become a pick up artist with taglines and messages that grab attention

Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot?

Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see!

Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

Serving up a little extra cheese today ‘cause it’s time to get your mojo on! Time to think about how you’re going to engage, entice, and attract attention so you can BAG the fame you deserve!

The only way to stand out in a crowd of business suits in a bar is to have a killer pick-up line. The same is true in business!

What’s Your Pick-up Line?

Do you have one for your brand? What about a short marketing message or story?

Headlines, subject lines, taglines – they’re all pick-up lines! The object: get an email address for your list, a date with a potential client, bag an interview with a hot magazine… in other words HOOK UP with the people who can help you get your name out there and clients in your little black book!

Size Matters

In social media your message has to be communicated in a few words or images.

Twitter: 140 characters max.

Vine:  6 seconds of video max.

Elevator pitches: usually 60 seconds long

Email subject lines: usually 50 characters or less

We live in a bullet point – sound bite – highlight reel – world. The average human’s attention span is approximately 7 seconds! So you have to laser-focus your message to grab your audience’s attention.

And frankly, we’ve been communicating with short messages since the beginning of time. Trust me, social media isn’t new!

THEN: Carrier pigeons

NOW: Twitter!

Here are 3 tips for to help you craft a fresh pick-up line!

  1. Dynamite comes in small packages – Less is definitely more. So use the fewest words possible to grab your audience.  If you had to sum up what you offer in a short, sweet sentence of no more than say 6-8 words, what would it be?
  2. 3 = 2 – When you use contractions you can get the big bang of three words for the low, low price of two. For example, instead of “it is easy”, you can say “it’s easy” and still have four words left! You’re feeling rich now, right?
  3. Reach out and touch someone – Use verbs, adjectives and adverbs! Kind of a no-brainer for a savvy pick-up artist like you but good to reiterate. Use them to create engaging (see what I did there?) taglines, headlines and brand messages.
    Example: Beguiling brand stories increase your revenue.

Here are a few more examples:

  • Accounting for your success.
  • Writing sensational SEO for Y.O.U.
  • Press releases released. Your brand: Unleashed!
  • Your brand. Your style. You’re welcome.
  • Writing done right!
  • Become a Pick-up Artist (Got your attention, right?)

Ideas and inspiration: In November 2006, Smith Magazine challenged readers to write their memoirs in six words–no more, no less. Click to see amazing examples and ideas for writing your taglines, headlines, subject lines, and pick up lines!

Your Fame Boosting Assignment:

  • Write two short titles or subject lines for your blog post, weekly email, or press release.
  • Everything else should be exactly the same – the content, offer, etc.
  • Keep track of the number of responses you get from each one to see which one was the most engaging.
  • Start a list of words, phrases, etc. that elicit the most responses from your subscriber list.
  • USE them!

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