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By Lori

CreateYourOwnSelfImageHere’s a little known fact: our self-image is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

What we believe about ourselves is our reality. And whether that thing that we believe is actually true or not, our actions and behaviors support the self-image that we’ve created.

Sound a little woo-woo? (Or like just plain crazy talk?)

Let’s break it down

If your self image is as someone who’s always late, you say and think things like, “I’m always late. I can’t help it. It’s just who I am.”

And you know what? It’s a sure bet that you are almost always late.

But not because you can’t help it. It’s because your self-image as someone who’s perpetually late has you practicing behaviors that make it true.

  • Like leaving for a destination without mapping out the route first.
  • Or allowing exactly zero extra minutes to get somewhere.
  • Or planning to leave on time, but then doing “one more thing” before you run out the door.

Bing Boom Bam – your self image is correct! You, my friend, are always late. (Or freeze up when you speak. Or get too nervous to ask for the business. You get it.)

But what do people who have an self-image of always being on time do? What are their behaviors?

  • They map out their route to a new destination before leaving the house.
  • They leave plenty of extra time for unexpected snafus on the way.
  • Maybe they even pack a few things to do, so that they can be productive with their time when they arrive early at a destination.

What really matters

Now for the killer question: what does self-image have to do with becoming famous in your field?

It’s this, future A-Lister…your self-image, your “I am” statements might be holding you back without your even knowing it.

And that’s kind of a big deal, at least when it comes to creating success.


Shocking, huh? We’ve been taught that learning more is the key to success.

The fact is, your IQ doesn’t determine your success. Other factors, like your charisma and your ability to motivate yourself outpace any advantage you might get from a few extra points on the intelligence scale.

And that’s why your self-image is so darned important to your success. 

You could be spending all of your time and energy taking one more class, inhaling another course or learning the latest technique in your industry, when working on your self-image is what packs the biggest punch. 

Make it work for you

When you are intentional about who you want to become, you’ll unconsciously change your behaviors to support that self-image. You’ll want to “live up” to your own standards.

So put your self-image to work for you. Create “I am” statements that empower and motivate you to achieve your fame-worthy goals.

Here are three super simple steps to put it into action.

1. Flip that script


First, choose something empowering, an “I am” statement that describes the person you want to be. Here’s a fabulous one to fuel your fire:

“I can do anything I set my mind to.”

But you know that just sayin’ something don’t make it true! What your subconscious mind needs is evidence. And that’s Step 2.

2. Prove it to yourself. 

What your mind needs to start believing this new self-image are examples. Using the “I am” (or in this case, “I can” statement) “I can do anything I set my mind to,” make a list of all your accomplishments, big or small.

Start from when you were a kid, and continue through to today. You might list things like:

-Accepted into a competitive college
-Won academic scholarships
-Paid my own way through one of the most expensive public universities in the US
-Graduated in 4 years
-Got a promotion in 5 months
-Achieved a #1 position on Google
-Wrote a 250+ page book
-Spoke at National Conferences

These accomplishments or proof points are like the legs of a stool. Each one creates a sturdy support for your new self-image.

3. Make it stick

Now, practice repeating your “I am” (or “I can”) statement with your supporting evidence

“I am —– because I did —–.”

You can repeat the same reason every time, or rotate them. As always, you do you.

Your Fame Boosting Assignment

Everyday for the next 7 days, say your new “I am” statement. Say it when you wake up. When you go to sleep. Before you eat. Before a meeting.

Can you feel the shift? It’s your star rising, baby!

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