Who do you think you are? 3 steps to shoot down stage fright

By Lori

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Fame tip: 3 ways to conquer stage fright

Who do YOU think you are?

Have you ever heard that little voice inside your brain? It’s time to shut. it. down.

Becoming famous in your field requires putting yourself out there. But when you’re faced with a camera, a crowd or microphone what are you thinking about?

Is it, “I’m fat” “I’m not good in front of crowds” “I look old” Or, “Everybody already knows this”?

Well, think it and that’s what you’re audience will see. Negative energy is palpable, even from the stage.

Relax, fame friends. Your fears come down to the fact that you’re HUMAN! Very few people arrive on this earth as a born brand promoter, able to face the crowd or vacant stare of a camera lens without breaking a sweat. NO!

But here’s how you can face your nerves and say “Hasta La Vista Baby!” even when the sweat is trickling down your back.

1. Shift your thinking

You know that old saying: you can’t drive around hell, you have to go through it. The same is true for your nerves – you can’t ignore them. You can however SHIFT your perspective.

We experience waves of anxiety or nervousness all the time. So what’s the difference between “I’m so nervous I’m going to SUCK” and “I’m so excited I’m planning a big surprise party for my best friend?”


Same nerves, different feeling!  Remember, you’ve got a secret to share with your audience. Your unique expertise! They need what you’re giving them. They want what you’re giving them. So go out there and delight them!

2. Bring A Security Blanket

Remember that ratty blanket you carried around as a kid (maybe all the way through college)?

Or that lucky t-shirt you HAVE to wear every time your favorite team plays so you don’t jinx them?

Those are tangible things we can touch that instantly give us comfort and calm us when the stakes are high. Try choosing a grown up Blankie. A small common object to carry with you whenever you’re out there in the spotlight. A quarter, rock, key, paper clip. Put it on the podium, in your pocket or in your bra. It’s a physical reminder that you RULE and everything is going to be okay!

3. Focus on the first sentence

Don’t psych yourself out by reviewing the whole speech in your head 60 seconds before you go on. You prepared in advance (tell me you did) so you know it.

Think of it as a one sentence speech. Just the first one. Obviously you have to keep going and you will because the first sentence is over!

Try practicing these simple tips in situations that are unnerving or your next networking happy hour.

Your Fame Boosting Assignment: 

Pick one situation this week and practice these tips. Tune up your self talk, find your lucky charm and focus on the first sentence. Good-bye supporting cast, hello starring role!
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